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2 responses to “New Site ~ Same Blog

  1. Celia Pozzecco

    I was trying to find some of your info on-line about transporting your pug by air…and I couldn’t. I’m curious to read it because we are Australian expats living in Poland and I’d dearly love to get a couple of pugs, but have gone off the idea (for the time being) because it seems nigh on impossible to fly them – apart from Air New Zealand … and imagine if they decided to change their policy and stopped flying pugs and we had to leave them behind in Poland! Too terrible to think about. A couple of links to your pug info pages would be much appreciated.
    Thanks. Celia.

    • dee

      Where do you live? Visit my blog at Look through the months of February through April and that will tell you what I went through with my Pug… traveling from US to Australia

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